Those with the highest index IQ Test world including Hollywood actors , television scriptwriter.

10. James Woods – IQ Test Score: 180

James is a movie actor , television and theater. With her ​​performance in the film " The Promise " and "My name is Bill W " James has won two Emmys . And starred in the long-running TV drama " Shark " . Besides acting, he is also known as a mathematical prodigy , learned matrix algebra at UCLA while still in high school . James also is a researcher at Massachusetts Institute of Technology before finding passion in acting.

9. Marilyn vos Savant – IQ Test Score: 190

She is a famous commentator of Parade magazine . Through the forum "Ask Marilyn " readers can send the questions from many different fields and will answer vos Savant . IQ test her IQ is highest at that time , was recognized by Guinness before breaking in 1990 .

8. Kenneth Ferrell – IQ Test Score: 190

Kenneth Ferrell is a doctor in North Carolina , is a member of the organization leading IQ as GenerIQ Society, Society and the Order of Epimethius Imhotep . IQ test is his hobby . Ferrell did an IQ test score and IQ oral arithmetic, such as IQ tests and the QUINTIQ 12,354 .

7. Garry Kasparov – IQ Test Score: 190

He is a Russian chess grandmaster , is the youngest world champion ever known when he was just 22 years old . He has defeated Anatoly Karpov champions after a match causes go in 1985. Kasparov held the title of world's official , sanctioned by the International Chess Federation until 1993. Kasparov was excessive recognized as world champion , " classic " until 2000 , when he was defeated by Vladimir Kramnik . Nevertheless , he still is recognized as the number one location to hold the longest ever .

6. Mislav Predavec – IQ Test Score: 192

Mislav is president and founder of the organization GenerIQ Society, an organization of leading IQ Test smartest people in the world . Organizations have the contributions of the members pillars as Kenneth Ferrell , who ranked eighth in the list. Predavec is a mathematics professor at the Croatian capital Zagreb water . He is also a director and a trade company founder . He likes rock music , especially the songs of Pink Floyd , and art , especially the works of Leonardo da Vinci .

5. Rick Rosner – IQ Test Score: 192

Rick Rosner- people US- a smart and dynamic . He is a television scriptwriter . He has appeared on the popular TV show like " Who Want To Be A Millionaire " , had to earn a living by the profession unrelated to intelligence as pub doorman , dancer and nude model . Regularly wake him up to 20 hours a day to test the IQ quiz

4. Dr. Evangelos Katsioulis – IQ Test Score: 198

Dr. Evangelos Katsioulis Greeks , he has made great achievements in the study of neurology and dosage pharmaceutical sector for neurological patients . Katsioulis also a good painter and as an athlete keen swimmers . And he loves to travel.

3. Kim Ung Yong – IQ Test Score: 210

Kim is a Korean , he has extraordinary abilities in language and arithmetic . He began talking at just 6 months old . 3 years old until he was able to read many languages, including Korean, Japanese, German , English as well as solve complex problems . He also wrote a lot of poetry in Chinese and Korean, auditing university education when only 4 years old . NASA invited him to study in the US at just 8 years old and then work them just at the age when teens. Then he returned to Korea and study into the construction of civil works . He has published over 90 research on hydrodynamics .

2. Chistopher Hirata – IQ Test Score: 225

At 13 , Christopher Hirata made ​​up of public opinion by the Olympic gold medalist in international physics . Years later, he studied at Caltech . In 22 years, he has a doctorate from Princeton . He has worked on projects for the NASA Mars landing 16 years .

1. Terrence Tao – IQ Test Score: 230

Terence is an Australian mathematician Amerasian origin. If you think that is normal mathematical hard enough then take a look at the areas where he has studied include: analytic number theory, Ramsey's theorem, partial differential equations, matrix theory Random ... Get a medal in all this area in 2006, I assumed the presidency for the James and Carol Collins of mathematics at the University of California, Los Angeles. He was a very good learning and training in mathematics since only a toddler boy, solving arithmetic problems when 2-year-old college math at 9 years old and reach a national gold medal at 13 international Olympiad. He holds a PhD at just 20 years old from Princeton and became a professor at UCLA when 24 years old. So far, I have published 230 research coincides with the index figure of Tao IQ test.

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